Control your own destination!

The PINZ app
empowers you to
create & control
your own addresses
under 9 inches!

(or about Centimeters)

Each of your 9 free
Pinz can integrate with
99 apps!

Take CONTROL of your address & other locations using the PINZ app!

  • Control pick-up locations
  • Control stalkers
  • Control delivery locations
  • Control routes & directions
  • Control effeciency
  • Control porch pirates
  • Control Last Mile Delivery


  1. The condo building below at is difficult to find during the day.
  2. Almost impossible for friends or drivers to find at night!
  3. Food delivery drivers don’t know where to park and walk.
  4. Ride-Share drivers don’t know where best to wait.
  5. Emergency vehicles may not know the best place to park.

[ Move slider handle to see Pinz examples on map view ]

  • Red 911 Pinz are for 1st responders or security staff.
  • Purple Safety Pinz will hide your real name & address from ride-share drivers.
  • Black Pinz are standard locations.
  • Green Tripz (combined Pinz) will show delivery drivers where to park and walk to stairs or the lobby.
  • Yellow Waypointz are to show where to turn in a TripZ.
  • Blue Tempz (not shown) last 9-hours for friends or help to meet me right here and now!
  • Driver instructions can be included with each Pinz for further instructions and clarification.


Create a Pinz at any location within 9 inches!  Pinz can be named, shared, and combined, to populate your favorite apps to solve location issues and improve your experience .

Driver notes

Save driver’s instructions per Pinz like gate codes and more ensuring faster arivals, less phone calls or texts, warmer food, and
fewer cancellations.


Combine 2 or more Pinz into a
“Tripz” and save for future use with just one click! (i.e. Pick me up at home & Take me to work, or Take me to my Doctor’s Appointmet!


Share your ride progress live with PinPalz or watch your KinPalz ride to make sure all get home safe..
Trackz won’t stop following until you cross the
Pinz at your front door.


You control the route by correcting or improving the directions guessed by other apps with left or right “Turn Here” Pinz inserted for better efficiency.

Emergency Pinz

Save a pre-set Pinz or Tripz to
communicate with emergency agencies.
GREAT for people with speach or
hearing issues.

Explore the many use cases for the PINZ app!

(Click on any category below)

Explore the many use cases for the PINZ app!

(Click on any category below)

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We are a group of ride-share & food delivery drivers and software developers. Using our first-hand experience on the roads, we strive to create a safer, easier, and faster delivery system for drivers and users.


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