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What are my Privacy Choices?

Each Pinz or TripZ has privacy choices:.

  • Public: Viewable on maps inside the PINZ app
  • Semi-Private: Viewable on PINZ maps by me AND my PinPalZ
  • Private: Viewable by me only
  • Hidden: In my list of Pinz or TripZ but not on any map

A restaurant may have a public Pinz to show where to park
A person may have PinPalZ who request rides or food deliveries on their behalf.
I may have a Pinz set up for drone deliveries in my back yard and I will be the only one using it.
I may want a Pinz set up for package or food delivery away from my front door and it does not need to show on a map.
A campus security department may need locations for emergency access and does not want them visible on any map.


Why would I use the PINZ app if I don't have GPS issues at home or work?

Well first of all, The PINZ app is free and you can always delete it later.

With the PINZ app, you can create a better location (Pinz) for the driver to pick you up or drop you off.  Ride-share apps will give the driver appoximate stopping points close to your address, but that may not be the safest or most convenient location for you. You may rather have them pick you up around the corner, in the alley, or in a parking lot next to your building.

You can scan a QR code at participating restaurants, businesses, or government locations to request a ride faster.

You can save a TripZ into a single click as a 3-point “round-trip” to drop-off or pick-up kids at school or recreation centers with ride-share apps.  (who don’t allow unaccompanied minors under 18yrs old)

You could store a TripZ if you car-pool to work and back, then request ride-shares with a single click!

You can pre-store a 911 Emergency trip for quick access and response including driver instructions.  (Great for people with hearing or speach imparements to communicated with 911)

Also, please see our “INDUSTRIES” page under the FEATURES menu, or just click here.


Can I create TripZ without using a Pinz location?


You can use a normal address (that doesn’t have any issues, like a convenience store) as the pick up, drop off, or middle stop in your trip, or all 3.

Most of the time, you will be using a Pinz at at least 1 location.

You may find it easier to create and save a trip in the PINZ app instead of other apps.

How do I set the location for my Pinz?

It is SUPER EASY!  Since the PINZ app is so accurate, it is best to create a Pinz with satellite view on our website.  With a few clicks on a map at our website, you can find the exact location you want on a map and create a Pinz.

Of course, you will only need to do that 1 time per Pinz.

Our short video to walk you through it.

Can I delete a Pinz?

That dePinz.  (hehe)  No really, that is what we call when you delete a Pinz

You can edit or dePinz the Pinz that you created.

You cannot edit or dePinz someone else’s Pinz they created, however you can request a dePinz from the creator some reason.  You can also transfer ownership or control of the PINZ to another party.  (if you created a Pinz at a apartment complex before the landlord registered as a PINZ app user and this would free up one of your slots in your maximum allowed Pinz on your account.)  You put in a request to have a Pinz removed from our system and we contact the creator of that Pinz and get their intent on the use of that Pinz.  Then we will make a decision and inform both parties.

Why would I want Photos stored with the PINZ app?

This is will be an optional feature soon, to use with your Pinz.

You could take and store a photo, showing what it looks like looking TOWARD your Pinz location.  i.e. The Pinz may be in the center of a parking lot and your photo mabe be taken from a position showing the entrance of the parking lot.

Another photo may be looking from the parking lot, showing the direction FROM the Pinz location to the stairway or entrance to the building or sidewalk for walking to a Pinz at the front door of a building.

Panorama photos & 360 Panoramas work great here too!

Photos have size and resolution restrictions.


What are "PinPalZ" used for?

A “PinPalZ” is someone in your “PinPalZ” list who can see and use your Pinz to create trips, maps, or order food to be delivered to you..

You can share Pinz with family members, friends, or mayby a care-taker who can create trips on your behalf.

I can create a pin drop in other apps, so why use the PINZ app?

With the PINZ app, each of your Pinz integrates with several apps.  Most map or navigation apps only work with one.

Create Pinz once, and use them with all kinds of apps from now on.

You would have to go create and save the same number of pin drops in every app you wanted to use.

Also, Pinz have many features that are not available with other apps.  (i.e. saving driver directions or notes) 

Map apps have a lot of advanced features, but most of us don’t know where to find them in the app, how to empliment them or use them.  The PINZ app makes those features easier to utilize and with less time or clicks.

How many PinZ or WayPoints can I use in TripZ?

That depends on the app that you are Integrating with and most allow for “STOPS”.

For Instance, Google Maps will allow 10 stops, Uber will allow 2 stops in between the Pick-Up and Drop-Off.  Lyft will allow 1.  Waze will allow 2.

Is there a limit on ride requests?


You can use your PINZ app as often as you need.

How Accurate are your Pinz?

Pinz are based on the Latitude / Longitude location on the earth.

When you set a Pinz, we capture a lat/long with 8 digits to the right of the decimal but most apps only need 6 digits, which is equal to about 4 1/2 inches. Therefore, we are accurate to about 1/2 of our advertised “9 inches”, but we like to “under promise and over deliver”.

In our app for all other countries other than the USA, we will say “down to 9 centimeters” with is about 3.5 inches. (For Drone delivery, we can send all 8 digits to the right of the decimal, which is down to .03 inches or 3-100ths of an inch!)

Even if the driver can’t drive TO your Pinz on your porch, they will be able to see where the location is from the street with dots or “marching ants” pointing to your Pinz location, which may be where to place delivery packages or food.

See this article for technical information on this topic.

Can I request rides from a desktop or iPad?

Yes.  We call it our “Cloud 9” web app.

We have an browser version so you can use the PINZ app to request ride-shares from your desktop computer or iPad.

This is a great way for companies to coordinate or even pay for rides for their customers or employees.

Can I share my Pinz on a map?


Public Pinz automatically show up our our maps. You can share one or more of your Pinz with your PinPals or embedded into the location field of popular apps including Apple Maps, Google Maps, and Waze Maps.

Your can share via messaging, email, and other sources too.

Why would I want more Pinz in my Plan?

You may find new use cases for the PINZ App.  Creating new Pinz and being able to save up to 19 trip profiles may help you save time with 1-click operations.

Save several trip profiles:

Possible examples:
1)  Home to work 2) Work to home
3) Home to gym, 4) Gym to home
5) Home to clinic, 6) Clinic back home
7) Home to parents, 8) Parents back home
9) Food to PinDrop when I am not home
10) Food to front door when I am home
11) Short-Cut directions on where to turn early
12) PinZ for a family member who does not use a smart-phone

We will have promotions for you to earn more Pinz or TripZ by referring others to download and sign up on our Free PINZ app.


Do you have a plan for non-profit organizations?

Our Non-Profit plan is the same as our Education Plan.

Please contact us and let’s talk about how we can work together!

I am a caretaker. Can I use the PINZ app for my clients?


We have a program being designed just for you.  It will be at no charge for you, but of course, your participating customers will need to sign up with our free PINZ app in order to make the connection.

Since ride-share companies allow you to make arangements for your clients, we do too!

You can test it out free with just one of your clients to see if it is a fit for your organization.

Contact us and let’s talk!

What is the "TempZ" feature?

You may need to ask for a Ride-Share to pick you up right where you wouldn’t want to save that location and use up one of your PINZ credits.

Example:  You are traveling and after eating at a restaurant, you want to be picked up.  Their address is on a busy street and you want to wait around the corner where there is no address.  Or, you have a flat tire on a country road.  You won’t need to create a Pinz at these places for future use.

However, by using the PINZ app, you can bypass having to call or text the Ride-Share driver more precise locations.  Most companies’ software will try to find the closest address to your pin drop and send driver directions to that location.  Then, you would have to make a pin drop AFTER the driver accepts your request.

What does "Crowd Sourcing" have to do with the PINZ app?

An appartment manager can create a Pinz at the bottom of the stairs to your appartment building, and everyone can use it.  There is no need for each resident to place a Pinz there.  This also helps to de-clutter our map with redundant Pinz.

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