PINZ have many unique features and uses.

Privacy Choices

Pinz can be Private, Public, or  Semi-Private.  (Shared with your PinPalZ).


Schedule rides and deliveries for family members or those you care for.

Save Pinz as a "WayPointz"

Direct drivers to “Park Here-Walk Here” for delivery drivers, or “Turn Here” for faster routes.

Use Tracks to share live rides status with PinPalz

Trackz shows your live status on the way to your destination with PinPalz or KinPalz and automatically notifies them when you cross the Pinz at your door.


Location notifications when a specified distance from Pinz is reached.

Save Pinz as a "PinPad"

A precise landing pad within 9-Centimeters for Drones to deliver food or packages away from trees, pets, power lines, or hazards..

Providers & Dispatchers

Dispatchers and care takers save time using Pinz or Tripz when scheduling doctor appoints or errands with their clients.

Text Notifications

Automatically notify selectd people in your PinPalz or KinPalz when you arrive safely from a taxi or ride-share trip.

Pinz are more functional and superior to addresses, pin-drops, or map markers.

Customize your
Pinz Icon for Maps

Help your Pinz stand out on maps with custom colors, icons, & labels!


  • Numbers
  • Letters 
  • 2,000 Icons
  • Labels

Tripz use
1 or more Pinz

Save Tripz for using just 1 click to order a ride-share from 1 location to another.


  • Home to Clinic
  • Work to Home
  • Home to Gym
  • Gym to Home
  • Work to Airport

Order a custom sticker with a QR code for your retail location!

PINZ app users can share your location to “Meet Here” or quickly be picked up at your Pinz by their favorite ride-share company.

This is great for restaurants or retailers to help new customers find a safe or convenient place to park.

  • Drivers having address issues at apartments 90% 90%
  • Hard to pick-up people from buildings downtown 75% 75%
  • Experiencing GPS issues near home or work 85% 85%
  • Food delivery issues because of address 45% 45%
  • Worried that ambulance won’t find them fast 40% 40%

Real Issues

Food Delivery Downtown

By the time our food delivery driver finds a place to park downtown, then finds our building entrance… the food is never warm.

Kate Spangler

Appartment Address

The ride-share apps send the driver to my apartment’s leasing office.  It has no idea where my building is.

Omar Haddad

Restaurant Parking

Our restaurant’s parking lot is off the side street and behind us.  Customers don’t see parking available out front and go elsewhere..

Mindy Thompson

Different Entrances

At work, I want shipped envelopes delivered to the reception desk, shipping & receiving to the docks in the back, and food to our employee entrance by the kitchen.

Jana Smith

No place to stop and wait

I live on a busy street with no parking out front.  I WANT the driver to meet me in the alley behind my house!

Jana Smith

Tell me when PINZ goes live!

We will contact you when the PINZ app is live and ready to use!

About Us

We are a group of ride-share & food delivery drivers and software developers. Using our first-hand experience on the roads, we strive to create a safer, easier, and faster delivery system for drivers and users.


Contact Us

999 18th Street, Denver, CO 80202