PINZ PRO For Business

Use PINZ for better navigation to locations that don’t have accurate addresses. (or no address at all)

Share PINZ with others

You can share PINZ with employees or other companies  added to your PinPal list.

Locations from Busy Streets

Create a PINZ for a safe location for pick-up or delivery away from busy streets.


Separate Hospital Entrances

Use a PINZ for each entrance:  Visitors, Emergency, Receiving, Pharmacy, etc.

Alternative Business Entrances

Use PINZ for directions to Reception, Shipping, Employee Entrances, etc.

Directions to Parking Locations

Use PINZ to direct customers to parking lots when limited or no spaces are out front.


Businesses may have accounts with ride-share services to transport customers from service centers to home and back.  Our Business Plan is perfect for dispatch or travel departments.

Contact sales for Commercial Pricing options

Tell me when PINZ goes live!

We will contact you when the PINZ app is live and ready to use!

Plans and prices are subject to change until the app is ready for release.

About Us

We are a group of ride-share & food delivery drivers and software developers. Using our first-hand experience on the roads, we strive to create a safer, easier, and faster delivery system for drivers and users.


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999 18th Street, Denver, CO 80202