Safety Pinz

Protect yourself, spouse, child, or parents!

Help Prevent Stalkers and Identity Theft!

  • Choose a secure pick-up location
  • (away from house or work address)
  • Store a “nick-name” and hide your identity
  • Share your ride with PinPalz
  • Notify PinPalz when you enter your home (instead of just being dropped off and ending a ride-share trip)

Use Safety Pinz to hide your name & address!

Using a different location close to your home may help reduce incidents from 1st dates, ride-share drivers, or ex relationships.:

Safety Pinz can be a location near the corner of your street or a more lighted intersection away from your house..

Notify chosen friends in your PinPalz list to follow your ride-share trip and notify when you cross one of your Pinz placed at your door. (not seen or shared in your ride-share driver app)

  • online dating users say someone on a dating site or app continued to contact them even after he or she said they weren’t interested in communicating, 37% 37%
  • Women riders concerned about ride share  safety. 79% 79%
  • Women riders who have felt uncomfortable during a ride. 13% 13%
  • Women riders were hit on by the ride share driver. 10% 10%
  • Were contacted by text or phone call after the ride. 5% 5%
  • Women riders who were assaulted or nearly assaulted from a ride. 3% 3%
About Us

We are a group of ride-share & food delivery drivers and software developers. Using our first-hand experience on the roads, we strive to create a safer, easier, and faster delivery system for drivers and users.


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