We want you to have fun with the PINZ app, so we use fun names to describe our features!

PinPointZ Glossary

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The PINZ App

An application for mobile phones or desktops as a “Location Integrator” to improve the user experice with other apps.

You create and store a precise pinpoint locations called “Pinz” in your PINZ app.  (These are similar to “Pin Drops” or “Map Markers” in other apps.)

The PINZ app is used to create requests for food or services with other apps with a more precise pick-up or delivery location when GPS or address issues are commonly encountered.

The PINZ App allows you to save repeated, complex trip requests into a single click of the mouse to be integrated into popular mobile apps.

With The PINZ app, you create a single Pinz which cam be integreated into several different apps from different vendors.  This eliminates the need to save several “favorites” locations in each app you use.


A precise location on the globe within 9 inches using Lat/Long coordinates.

(Naming Reference: Pinz are named after “Push-Pins” because these pins can be used precisely on a map to pinpoint a location.  The PINZ app can also “Push” data with other apps we integrate with, to populate their location fields and driver’s notes.)

Pinnerz can create their own locations, limited to their own imagination and needs, and give Pinz a category and label.

Pinz may also have a stored description, including hyper-links to a map or website, to be populated into apps that allow a notes field to describe a given location. Pinz are public and can be viewed and used by any PINZ app customer. (PinnerZ)

Pinz may accompany 1 or 2 photos: (premium feature)

1) Photo view FROM the Pinz location toward an important item. (Park here and look for the these stairs to my appartment)
2) Photo view TO the Pinz location, showing its surroundings.  (Here is my car, parked near the stop sign)

PinnerZ can make a map visible with all their Pinz, so another PinnerZ can select a given Pinz for navigation.  For instance, a college may show a map with all of it’s Pinz on the campus for the general public, or the college may share a map with their Pinz for their employees use only.

If a Pinz was created by a student on a college campus property, the college may ask that the Pinz be removed to restrict or control movement to that location.  The same goes with a residence… if someone puts a Pinz near my bedroom window, I can have it removed by PinPointZ.  

Misuse of the PINZ app features may result in cancellation of the user’s account.

Pinz are identified with the Creator’s Account Name, a period and a custom Pinz Name.  Example:




Our “PinCushion” is where you store all your Pinz and Tripz.

You can edit and share your Pinz & Tripz from here.


A “PinPalz” is someone in your “PinPalz List” who can see and use your Pinz to create trips, maps, or order food to be delivered to you..

PinPalz may include family members, friends, or maybe a care-taker who can create trips on your behalf.

Adding a PINZ app user to your PinPalz List does not give you access to their Pinz unless you are invited to their PinPalz List

(PinPalz are similar to “Friends” in FaceBook).


A “WayPointz” is a navigational aid to help direct drivers to a short-cut, detour, turn here, park here, or stop here location.  

In many apps, they are known as an additional “stop” in the route to a final location.  

WayPointz can be used to let the driver know to “Turn-Left,  Continue Strait”, or “Keep-Right at fork in the road”.  Navigation software should re-route your path from there if the destination is close. (but it may try to send you back to the origianl route)

Some apps will only allow stops on the way to the final destination, but not the initial destination.

Most map software apps will allow multiple stops where you can insert many WayPointz to create your own effecient route.

HINT:  If a “Turn” waypoint is used with Ride-Share apps, be sure to include “Not a Pick-Up Point” in your Pinz description.  The driver apps usually require the driver to hit “continue” after reaching a “stop” in their route.



A Tripz is a trip using a Pinz at the beginning AND/OR the end of a trip.

The beginning may be a Pinz at your house and the destination may be a normal address to a business or restaurant. (or vice versa)

You destination may not have an issue with its address precision and therefore you may not need to create a Pinz location for it.

Example:  An Uber request from a Pinz at my house to “Town Center Theaters” where I work.  The Uber app will use the address from their database of “Town Center Theaters” so you may not need to create a Pinz for that location.  When you are in the car already, you can tell the driver where to drop you off when you are close to the destination.



A PinPadz is a precise location within 9 inches as a “Landing Pad” for drone deliveries or Air Taxi operations. Precision is of the upmost importance in this situation and the Lat/Long of our PinPadz is even more accurate than 9 inches, and closer to 9 Centimeters, or about 3.5 inches. (Less than 100th of an inch precision is available for commercial operations if needed.)

Drones are already being used for medical supplies, pizza delivery, and parts delivery associated with Last Mile Delivery efficiency issues.

AirTaxi is a service using an eVTOL aircraft that carries people to and from locations nearby.  (electric Virticle Take Off & Landing)

They are already being used in some countries and comming soon to America. 

PinPadz need to be located where there are less trees, power lines, or pets impeding the delivery or landing of the vehicle.

Emergency 911 Feature

This is a saved Tripz used to text 911 instead of, or in addition to calling 911 for an emergency.

Every second counts in emergencies!  If you live in an appartment or where your exact location is hard to find for delivery drivers, 1st responders may have the same problem.

If you are a person with hearing or speach impairments, this will be the best method to begin communicating with 911.  Their dispatchers can relay your Lat/Long to the drivers and forward any locations to park and directions to your front door.


This is the action of deleting a Pinz in the PINZ app network.  You can dePinz yours, but not someone else’s without permission.

Cloud 9 Web App

Basically, our Cloud 9 is using the PINZ app on a laptop or desktop. 

Schedulers can use their computer at the desk to order rides for customers or employees.

Also, you may want to quickly order food to be delivered at use a Tripz to order a ride-share to take you home.


Geofencing allows actions to take place within a chosen distance from a Pinz, or when the Pinz or destination has been reached.

People with vision impairments could use be notified when a Pinz set as a “WayPointz” is about to be reached and which way to turn next with an audible instruction.

Follow Me

You can toggle “Follow Me” to allow one of your PinPalz to see where you are on a ride in live view on their map.


When you see a Public Pinz on our map, you can save it in your “Favorites” to use at a later date.


A restaurant may have a Pinz in their back parking lot and you may want to eat there again.

Your apartment complex manager set up Pinz at the bottom of each staircase in the complex for everyone to share to help give directions to food delivery drivers.

A building manager downtown may have made Pinz for different places to park or special spaces for delivery drivers, and all PINZ app users (Pinnerz) can use them.

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