Drone Delivery

There are many uses where the PINZ app can help in the automated package delivery industry.  Your Pinz under 9 inches, can ensure a precision drop-off location that YOU choose away from pets and trees..

Walmart begins Drone Delivery in 7 states! 

Packages of under 10 pounds are delivered within 11 miles of the store and be there in about 30 minutes.  The service is free to Walmart+ members or $3.99 to the public.

Over 10,000 products qualify and Walmart already logged over 6,000 deliveries in 2022 with plans for over a million per year soon.

Medical Delivery by Drone

Drones are being used more and more for urgent blood and tissue testing at labs.

PinPads for Drone Package/Food Delivery

Drones are already being used in several cities to bring lightweight food items.  (See Flytrex)

7-11 has announced they are beginning deliveries by drone in some areas.

PinDrops for ROBOT Package/Food Delivery

Robots are already being used in several cities to deliver food items.  This requires a precise GPS location and NOT just within 100 ft or so.

Air Taxi eVTOL are already being used!

More than 100 companies are designing eVTOL* vehicles for air taxi.  Air Taxi is already implemented in some countries and will be coming to a neighborhood near you soon!

(*electric Virtical Take-Off & Landing)

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